So a little bit about me...I'm Naisha, owner of Brownstone Closets where we believe in organized, chic, living. Creating beautifully organized closet spaces is my passion. 

I started Brownstone Closets a year and a half ago and have been riding this amazing journey of entrepreneurship ever since!

"I had a dream that you named your business Brownstone Closets." says my best friend one night on the phone. I screamed out loud at the name and shortly after that, Brownstone Closets was born!

Brownstone Closets is so much more than its name; it pays homage to my roots and speaks volumes as to where I grew up, in Brooklyn, NY in various brownstones that had little to no closets.

Brownstone Closets is more than a closet organization and decor company, it is ME, a lover of all things organization with a decorative flair.