All Up In Your Closet: Tasha Robinson

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Heeey! Hope the summer is treating you well! I'm enjoying the warm weather (not on this rainy Monday though), lightweight clothes and the fruit. I LOVE summer fruit! :-) Okay...on to the post! This post is special to me because Tasha has been such a key part of Brownstone Closets growth. I absolutely love her and hope that you enjoy her interview! 

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Tasha S. Robinson is the owner of Imperfect Concepts LLC, which is a content based website geared toward helping women entrepreneurs by providing them tools, resources, and insight. In addition to that, she consults women and men business owners at ICB Consults. Her entrepreneurial journey started in her early twenties and her focus is to help others on theirs. Visit Tasha online at or by email at

Brownstone Closets: I've seen you rock heels, flats and sneakers, what's your favorite?

Tasha Robinson: There was a time I preferred heels over any of my shoes. I use to have over 200 pairs of shoes. Now, I tend to be in my Chanel espadrilles unless I have a meeting. 

BC: In the past year have you had any "aha!" style moments? If so, what brought them on?

TR: My "aha!" style moment happened earlier this year when I no longer felt comfortable in my skin. I was dressing frumpy and not caring. That was not a fun place to be in. So, I really spent some time on my fave blogs and Instagram getting my style back, lol!

BC: Ever wear pajamas outside to run errands?

TR: Hell no! Not only would my dad kill me, I would kill me. I won't even walk to the mailbox in them.

BC: I'm just starting to embrace the beauty of high-low outfits (it's a lot like home decor). Describe your favorite high-low outfit.

TR: My favorite high-low outfit would be pieces from Target with my Chanel espadrilles. Mainly because that's really what I wear daily and people think my clothes cost a lot. Nah, boo, "Tasha on a budget."

BC: Your closet: Walk-in or reach-in? Neat and tidy or lemme-get-these-clothes-off-the-floor- already?

TR: Walk-in closet. Very neat and organized by color. (I screamed out loud when I read this, y'all! Amen, Tasha!)

BC: I have a few personal fashion rules such as, "white shirts don't live forever," so I throw them out when they get dingy. Do you have any of your own fashion rules? 

TR: OMG if you could see my face on that fashion rule you stated. [laughs.] I really don't have one per se, other than if you love it, buy it twice. Yes, I have a LOT of the same things in my closet. So when the one I wear is no longer fitting I can wear the new one. Judge me later.

BC: Style crush?

TR: Joanna Simkin, Noelle's Momma! She is my makeup crush too. @joannasimkin on social media. She may not be a household name but Jo's style game is strong. 

BC: Are friends supposed to tell friends that their clothes are too small? If so, how would you tell your friend? (Someone out there may need to borrow your words.)

TR: Hell yeah, don't be having your girl out here looking crazy! Luckily my friends and I have a great relationship and we're all blunt, "Take that shit off. You know it's too damn small!"

BC; What's your favorite accessory?

TR: My wigs! They are poppin and no one knows they are wigs. 

BC: Share with the BC family what you have in store for Imperfect Concepts and Business Bestie.

TR: OMG there is so much going on with BTS! Shooting new imagery, websites, staff, product and more. Heck, sometimes I need to know whats going on. However, it's all good things that help others to realize their dreams.