About Brownstone Closets

The story of Brownstone Closets is a familial one; I come from a family of cleaners.  I remember my paternal grandmother taking me on the bus with her as we rode out to the most beautiful neighborhoods, far away from the brownstones that I saw regularly in Brooklyn. These homes were larger than life and the people who owned them from well-to-do families. My grandma cleaned for a living. She maintained these spaces much like she did her very own; neat and tidy with her personal touch of collected items that made her house and home.

My dad, well he cleaned my room for living (not really) but he was always (and I mean ALWAYS) cleaning my room and throwing things out that he deemed junk and no longer belonged in my bedroom. I had no say in this process but trust me when I say that I was pissed with him...always. What ended up happening though, after he was done, I felt this sense of peace. A clutter free room. Everything in its place. Neat and tidy.

Brownstone Closets is me, Naisha Patterson, and I'm well, neat and tidy.  I transform cluttered spaces into well organized chic ones.